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Jiangyin xingwu woollen cloth technology co., LTD. Signed the production-study-research cooperation agreement with nantong unive

Company news
2018/08/14 15:35
On the morning of May 24th, jiangyin xingwu woollen cloth technology co., LTD signed the cooperation agreement with nantong university and became the base of nantong university. Tao yujun, deputy mayor of changjing town, attended the signing ceremony, which was presided over by zhang hongxia.
Jiangyin xingwu woolen technology co., LTD is a woolen enterprise in changjing town, which is specialized in the research, development, production and sales of high-grade woollen cloth and knitted woollen cloth. In recent years, the company has carried out a series of innovation and r&d activities in line with the development concept of "scientific and technological innovation", and established the jiangyin factory office research institute. This year, I applied for provincial private science and technology enterprises and applied for more than 100 patents, becoming the first company in changjing town that applied for more than 100 patents. At present the company has formed a complete industry chain from spinning, weaving to dyeing and finishing, and products are mainly with jack Jones, metersbonwe, semir, peacebird brand clothing at home and abroad to cooperate, are exported to Europe and the United States and southeast Asia and other regions, and has established a complete sales network throughout the country, the company carded fine, coarse woollen fabric market both at home and abroad have bigger influence. This time, jiangyin xingwu woollen fabric technology co., ltd. signed the industry-university-research cooperation agreement with nantong university on the project of woollen fabric elastic woollen fabric, which will further promote the transformation and upgrading and technological progress of xingwu woollen fabric, improve the enterprise's scientific and technological innovation ability, and expand the enterprise's development space.