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Xing wu woollen cloth "climbing affinity" big brand develops vast market

Company news
2018/08/14 15:35
In this year's textile industry is not particularly booming, especially in the context of small and medium-sized enterprises' insufficient orders, xinwu woolen technology co., ltd. is not worried about product sales. In early December, the company also concluded the cooperation agreement with the well-known domestic garment brand aelian, which will add an additional order of 50 million yuan next year. So far, the sales of xinwu woollen cloth have reached 180 million yuan, up more than 70 percent year-on-year, and the target for the whole year has exceeded 40 percent.
Wu dongbiao, chairman of hing wu woollen cloth technology co., LTD., believes that a good cooperative relationship with big brands is the guarantee for the company to maintain a good development trend. Metersbonwe, samma, Pacific bird, cabin, prince dragons, dancing with wolves.. Hing wu woollen cloth is the main fabric supplier of these domestic first-line garment brands. Currently, hing wu woollen cloth has cooperated with 60% of domestic garment brands. Wu dongbiao confesses that the biggest advantage of cooperation with well-known brands is the stability of orders, which can be signed a long-term cooperation agreement. At the same time, the products supplied to the brand have higher added value, and the profit is much higher than that of ordinary products.
Under the background of stable orders and high profit margin, the major brand of zte wu woollen cloth is constantly introducing high-quality products with stable quality and adapted to market changes. To this end, hing wu woollen research institute was established, which invested millions of yuan in new product development every year. Nantong university has reached the cooperation relationship between production, education and research, and developed more than 10 new series of fabrics every year. The company also sent marketing personnel to the domestic and foreign market survey, grasp the latest consumption trend, at any time to develop new products adapted to the market. At the same time, in order to ensure the product quality, xinwu woollen cloth also highlights the product "woollen fine manufacture", imports the most advanced textile equipment from the Czech republic, produces the middle and high grade product has been pursued by the market.
In order to improve the ability to resist risk, xinwu woollen fabric is now developing from woollen fabrics to downstream products, mainly in the market of brand clothing, has been "the home of hilan" production clothing. In the next stage, xinwu will continue to expand clothing sales, strengthen cooperation with brands, and strive to increase the current brand sales to 60% of the total sales.
In the general depression of the industry, how to grab orders, insurance market has become the biggest problem enterprises. Especially for small and medium-sized enterprises, how to stand out in the increasingly homogeneous market competition is crucial. Xinwu woollen cloth not only ensures quality, but also constantly introduces products to meet the market demand, but also strengthens the cooperation with the brand customer, maintains the order quantity for a long time, and acquires the higher product added value. At the same time, it actively extends the industrial chain, from the supply of raw materials to the construction of finished products, which greatly enhances the enterprise's ability to resist risks, and will not be affected by a certain link and cause a fatal attack. (chang xuan liu xiao)